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Steppingstones to Transformation: The Power of Positive Connections Through Mentoring

Social connections are powerful. The people we keep company with can either lead us astray or elevate our lives. Most individuals who are on felony probation or in drug court have broken and/or destructive relationships. They can get off the drugs in jail or rehab, but when they leave, they walk out to the same old scene. The same chaos. The same people dragging them down.

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” – Tom Ford  

When we mentor someone on probation or drug court, we offer them the opportunity to build new connections. A mentor is non-judgmental and comes with no baggage or history of damage from their past mistakes. That person can start fresh with someone who is equipped to help them succeed. For 12 weeks the relationship is structured and will assist them in identifying areas in their life they can improve or change. We guide them forward to complete probation, reach goals, and grow towards a vibrant new lifestyle free from people, places, and things that led to their situation. Our mentors are steppingstones to powerful life transformation and positive social connections.

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