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Fresh Start Mentoring: A Simple Solution to Bouncing Back After Incarceration

So, here's the deal. We've had this program running in Pinellas since 2009 and now in Pasco, that's a bit of a game-changer for people on probation or in drug court. It’s not your usual sit-and-get lectured, assessed, or interviewed for financially burdensome treatment. Instead, we offer ourselves.  Free of charge. Compassionate real people who simply want those who have made mistakes and found themselves on probation, to succeed.  No judgment, just real talk, and real encouragement.

What we do is simple. We use volunteers in our community and churches who want to serve and make a difference in someone’s life. We think of them as comeback coaches. For 12 weeks, a trained mentor meets up with their assigned probationer (or drug court participant) for an hour each week, and it's all about them. They get to vent, plan, and dream about what’s next. We give them a personal cheerleader in their corner when it probably feels like everyone else is waiting for them to slip up.

The folks at probation are doing their thing, keeping an eye out for the community’s safety, ticking their boxes, and doing an excellent job. We all need them for that. But their gig is more about making sure the rules are followed. That's where we step in. We’re there to listen, to encourage, and to remind them that everyone stumbles. The real trick is getting back up.

This whole thing is for people who are serious about turning their lives around. Non-violent offenders who are thinking, "Yeah, I messed up, but that's not where my story ends."

We believe in second chances, in the power of a positive connection, and in having someone in your corner. Because sometimes, that's all it takes to start writing a new chapter.

Wanna know more? Hit us up. Become a mentor by registering for training in the county you live in.

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